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Booklets are most commonly used for company presentations and product catalogues. BiziNet Printing offers many different types of booklets, including saddle stitch and wire bound.

Saddle Stitch

The most common type of booklet finishing is the saddle stitch. This method involves the placement of 2 staples into the booklet and a half-fold. A4 booklets are produced in this manner, where an A3 sheets are folded in half to produce and A4 booklet. This is also the most cost-efficient method of booklet production.

Saddle Stitch is the primary method used for magazine production.

Self-Cover and Hard Cover Saddle Stitch

Self-Cover saddle stitch booklets refer to a type of booklet where the outer cover is the same type of stock as the content. Hard Cover booklets use a thicker cover, which may also be celloglazed to stand out. Self-Cover booklets are much more affordable than hard cover booklets, as the production process is simplified.

Saddle Stitch Booklet Sizes

In terms of A4 saddle-stitch booklets, content (including covers) must always be provided in multiples of 4. A booklet may be of 4, 8, 12 … etc pages – referred as 4pp, 8pp and 12pp.

Wire Bound Booklets

Wire bound booklets are a different method of booklet finishing. This involves perforation of sheets on the side and insertion of a metal wire to hold pages together. This method produces a very high quality finished product that is often used for company presentations, prospectuses and reports. This method is more expensive than traditional saddle stitch booklets.

Perfect Bound

Perfect bound is a finished method that is used where a larger page quantity is involved. It involves pressing of pages together with a spline. Thicker magazines with larger runs often use this method. This is the most complex and expensive method of booklet production due to setup costs, applicable only to the larger print runs.

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